Clarence Clare Coon
and Mary Ann (Grubb) Coon
Lee Byron Shank
and Ethel Mae (Boyes) Shank
Dedicated to their Descendants and Relatives
A large and diverse group of Americans, Coon Family members live and work throughout the United States. Their ancestors, often boasting of being Pennsylvania Dutchmen, are fondly remembered by descendants now residing in the green mountain hush of Maine, the mid-west and plains states, and on the Pacific coast.
These pages are not intended to be a *genealogical compilation. They are a Family Album being gathered for one group, 20th century Americans descendant from Clarence C. and Mary Ann Coon and L. B. and Ethel Shank. This arm of the family, alone, embraces a clutch of more than 200. The bulk of this clan reside throughout Michigan and Ohio, with some presently living in Alaska and California.
*Mr. Warren Coon has been working on a more detailed genealogy which reaches back to 18th century family roots. Although his is a private web site, Mr. Coon may be contacted by email for further information.

The Shank side of this album includes little information. Lee Byron Shank and his wife had one child survive to adulthood, a daughter. Frances Arline (nee: Arlene Frances) married Clarence Clare Coon, Jr., and bore seven children. One of them set out to publish this memorium.

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Clarence Clare Coon, Sr. and Mary Ann Coon
(ca. 1945)
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