Old Glory

Migrating to the US earlier this century, the Galli and Buehler Families joined and crossed the Continent to settle in the Far West.

Here begin the stories of the American Galli Family, from Bern.
Dedicated to Familie Galli, descendants of
Gottlieb and Marie Galli-Kappeler.

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Old Swiss

One son set out to find a new life in America. Left behind, the remaining Galli Family spread throughout Switzerland and Europe.

Finding one another in 1986, the two families are one once again.

H. Galli Arrival

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BROWN, Becky & Keith
CHAPMAN, Gary & Melody (Galli)
COMBS, Danny
GALLI, Bill and Caryn
GALLI, Don and Jackie
GALLI, Kate and M. G.
GALLI, Nadene
GALLI, Paul D and Marianne
HUWYLER, Peter (Switzerland)
YOSHIDA, Suzanne
WHITAKER, A. J. and Susan
WHITAKER, Buck and Peggy
ZITT, Rolf (Switzerland)
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