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Great Galli Gathering, 1999

The latest Reunion of the Galli Family was August 6, 7 and 8, 1999. They met in Valley of the Rogue Park, Rogue River, Oregon.

This GALLI-ry of photos are from that reunion.

GGG Online invites family members to submit other photos for inclusion in this or another GALLI-ry.

From the American Galli group, the 5 children of Herman and Helen Galli.

Melvin Galli, 69
Norma Combs-Galli, 74

William Galli, 73
Alfred Galli, 81
Anthony Galli, 76
Children of Herman and Helen Galli
The FIVE, with other halves. The American Galli Five are joined by their spouses:
Nadene Galli-Goodman, 68
Jeanne Galli-LaJoie , 76
Dorothy Galli-Riordon, 78

In Memorium:
Betty Kathryn Galli, deceased October, 1996
Arnold Bert Combs, deceased July, 1991
Some called it "Galli Hall." This building was the center of GGG-99 activity; games, gab fests and grub.

Since 1986, meeting places for the GG Gatherings have been marked by the flags of Switzerland and each Swiss Kanton. The flags were provided by the SWISS GALLI CLAN, and were delivered personally by Sophie Zitt-Galli (deceased, 1991) and the Family Matriarch, Lydia Galli.
Galli Hall
Bill and Nadene's Campsite Two of the Yoshida girls and Donn gather at Bill and Nadene's campsite, where Bill, naturally, lectures the girls about the dangers of alcohol and tobacco.
There was a Sack Race ...
Sacker Paul Galli Sacker Caryn, et. al.
... and, there was an Egg Toss ...
Egg Tossers Rob and Danny Egg Tossers Galli-ore!
... and LOADS of fun.

Family, send in your pictures!

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