Class of 1961,
Grand Blanc High School ...
This is for you.
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Name That Classmate!

Hail! Hail! The gang's all here .. N O T ! How many of us can you identify?



  • Reunion Group Photos: [ 30th - August 3, 1991 ]    [ 37th - August 15, 1998 ]

  • Classmate Gallery: Look around for any photos that would be of interest on this page. Old photos from school days, a recent portrait of you and your spouse.

    • If you know how to do it, scan your photos and submit them as attachments to an email message to .
    • If you do not have a scanner, your local KINKOs can help.
    • If you have copies galore of your photo, you can mail the photo to us; we'll scan it for you. Photo's accompanied by a self addressed envelope will be mailed back to you within 1 day after we receive it. Click here to request mailing address for submitting photos.
    • All photos should be accompanied by identification -- What caption should we use when we post it on our pages?

Joe Higgins:
GM, Retired

mail address:
  1701 Lincoln Dr
  Flint, MI 48503
  (810) 239-2765


" Finally retired, happy and no time to spare."

ECHO-61 thanks Joe for being first to submit his photo to us.



Les VanKuren, and wife Sharon:
Two of the hard-working folks responsible for our great Reunions!

mail address:
  7321 Gale Rd
  Grand Blanc MI 48439
  (810) 636-7124


Married 40-1/2 Years

"We have 2 boys and a girl. There are currently 6 grandchildren. Our oldest grandson graduated last year."

Les has been self-employed since l968.... Formerly a home builder, he now has a Bobcat that he uses to move dirt, and he builds decks.

Sharon has always been a stay at home mom. The two are thinking of moving to Hale, Michigan in the spring, but promise, "we will still be working with the reunions. Les really loves seeing his classmates. Lets hope some of the others will make it in 2006."


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