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Created with FREE Xara3D Instant Heading Maker.

Loads of FUN. Useful for Poster Headers, eye-catching signs, much more.

Try It!

Using this CHAT ROOM can be tricky, but FUN.

ECHO-61 visitors, a very select but small group of men and women, are not likely to find anyone actually waiting for them to enter this CHAT ROOM. It's great facility is that, having made prior arrangement with friends or relatives, all agreeing to be ONLINE at the same time, each may log in and chat to their hearts' content.

PLUS: JabberChat offers 999,999 possible numbered rooms. Two or more of you can go to any room privately, and ... well, let's not get into that.

IrfanView: Freeware Graphic Viewer by Irfan Skiljan; Version 3.36, Self extracting EXE file, 630 kB.
Download IrfanView


One of our classmates has used IrfanView for several years, and finds the story its development quite fascinating. A Bosnian citizen, Irfan Skiljan was studing computer science at the University of Vienna. In 1996 an assignment was to develop a useful software, and offer it on the Internet for FREE. Students' grades were determined at the end of the term based upon how well their software was accepted. Mr. Skiljan not only aced the course with Irfanview, but he has continued to upgrade and support his very popular viewer, and it's still free to individuals.


  • Thumbnails
  • Preview
  • Drag & Drop Support, fast Directory View (fast moving through directory)
  • Print Support
  • Scan (TWAIN) Support
  • Slideshow


  • Batch conversion
  • Change the color depth
  • Audio CD Player
  • Screen Capture
  • Cut/Crop
  • Effects (Blur, Sharpen etc.) and many, many more.
Download IrfanView, a very fast freeware, for non-commercial use (that means at home) 32-Bit graphic viewer for Windows 9x thru Vista.

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